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dibbuk box - are we almost there yet? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
aka boxd

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dibbuk box [Jul. 9th, 2005|11:47 pm]
aka boxd
[Current Mood |electric]
[Current Music |Bob Marley & the Wailers - I Need You]

oh the irony... a few months back i put up some flyers to drum up business 'cause i needed the money. i have a small business called The Box Doctors, anyways a neighbor in my apartments, kevin, needed some help with a laptop that would no longer boot to windows. after getting it fixed up and talking to him a bit he told me about this antique that he had bought at an estate sale and later sold on eBay. it was a bizarro story filled with superstitions and weird events, heh, i didn't know the guy so i had no idea if he was for real or some tweaker living in  my complex... well, here is the irony. so that antique is what he called a Dibbuk Box - there is now a website dedicated to his Dibbuk Box and the story of weird shit that has gone on around it... do a google for "dibbuk box" and you will find many stories, plus you may find some references to Sam Raimi i think, whoever he is, some guy that did the Grudge movie is making a  movie out the story of the Dibbuk Box.

so, about the irony, i may be missing the meaning of the word but at least it is a coincidence that he called on my business "The Box Doctors" and now he is semi-infamous for his Dibbuk Box. yeah, it is a stretch but check out the site, www.dibbukbox.com - beware though, i have heard of people's computers locking up and permanently crashing after visiting sites about this dibbuk box, lol, yeah right {heh, you've been warned}